The Council’s History

The African Canadian Social Development Council was created in October 2002 following a Continental African Canadian community-wide engagement process in 2001 in which over 100 community organizations met to consider the establishment of a body that would:

  • Enable the community to achieve a unified voice and presence in the Canadian public arena;
  • Ensure that the needs of Continental African Canadians would be more specifically identified and addressed through proactive and collaborative action; and
  • Support the capacity development of the community’s organizations and service-providing agencies, so that more and better services could be developed and delivered to improve the life circumstances of the community’s members.

After a review of various operational models, the community decided on a membership-based social development council as suitable for the pursuit of the community’s goals and interests.


To support agencies serving African communities in the delivery of effective services through planning, policy development, research and training.
Values and Objectives

  • To act to ensure the social, economic and cultural welfare of African Canadians by supporting, co-operating and collaborating with organizations assisting African immigrants and refugees.
  • To encourage and support the participation of African Canadians in the democratic process
  • To identify, conduct research and undertake advocacy on problems affecting the African Canadian community.
  • To investigate racism and to devise means of overcoming its influence universally and in Canada in particular; and to promote understanding and goodwill among all segments of society within a multicultural Canada;



Our work is guided by a commitment to the following core values:



We are committed to equal representation by gender and age. We also strive to
represent different geographic areas of the African continent.




We recognize and respect the cultural and religious diversity of the African Canadian community. We aim to maintain and promote African heritage within the Canadian context


Unity and solidarity:


Fostering a united African voice in the Canadian public arena by promoting and maintaining unity within the African community.




Working within a community engagement and support framework
to build coalitions and place collective community interests before individual interest




Maintaining a democratic, transparent and accountable governance
process. Human Rights: We respect and promote all universally, nationally and provincially accepted human rights. We prioritize the needs of the marginalized.