The African Canadian Social Development Council (ACSDC) is an umbrella organization of agencies and organizations serving the African community. Our mission is to ensure the social, economic and cultural development of the continental African community in Canada by collaborating with community members and stakeholders, developing programs to support the capacity of our member agencies, conducting research and undertaking advocacy on issues affecting the continental African Canadian community. Membership of the ACSDC is free.

When you become an ACSDC member you:

  • Become part of a council committed to building and maintaining a vibrant African Canadian community through collaborative and collective action.
  • Get an opportunity to network with other organizations and agencies that serve the African Canadian community
  • Gain access to ACSDC research, and invitations to workshops, roundtables and forums which help strengthen the capacity of your organization.
  • Support solidarity within the African Canadian community by ensuring a unified voice for the community and collective influence in shaping policy and effecting change for African Canadians.
  • To become a member, please fill-in a membership form and return to us by email or by fax: 416 979 3936 or click the Donate Now button below. Council currently has 74-member organizations, all of whom have a focus on developing and providing services to improve life for members of the community.


Membership, Community Liaison & Capacity Building

The Council’s current member organizations have a focus on developing and providing services to improve the lives of members of the community.

The Council provides one-on-one technical guidance and advice to its member organizations as needed. This routinely includes the joint discussion or review of project plans and initiatives, and the provision of advice as well as partnership or other supports geared to enabling their success in seeking resources for project implementation.

The Council occasionally organizes events that bring together the membership as well as other community members for training, joint planning, or information and knowledge exchange.