The Council has played a critical role in coordinating research, and undertaking advocacy on issues relevant to the Continental African Canadian community Canada. Some of our successful projects include:

  • Organizing an HIV/AIDS conference in 2004 to galvanize community attention on the need to take the threat of HIV/AIDS in the African Canadian community seriously.
  • Organizing a very successful crime prevention strategy development conference in 2005 through funding from the Community Mobilization Program of Justice Canada. The event attended by organizations from both the Continental and the Diasporic African Canadian communities led to the development of framework document on Crime and violence Prevention.
  • Spearheading a “No To Black-On-Black Violence Campaign”;
  • Actively contributing, as a partner organization to the Alternative Planning Group (APG) in helping achieve a revisioning of social planning in the city of Toronto.
  • Developing partnership models and protocols to facilitate collaborative service provision by the membership of the Council;
  • The incremental building of a dynamic relationship and continuous engagement with its member agencies, resulting in many of the member organizations coming to the Council for assistance on program design, and formal support for project proposals.

The provision of capacity development

  • training/workshops to the Council’s membership.
  • Active public education, advocacy, and policy intervention work, including decision and policy challenges as well as media interventions on issues of concern to our communities.
  • Playing a key role in the launching of Canada’s first Immigrant Seniors Income Security Advocacy Network, a network that has been established to campaign for a number of measures to improve the quality of life of all immigrant seniors in Canada. The Council and its Network partners held a very successful Immigrant Seniors forum in May 2006 entitled, Public Forum on Poverty and Income Security Issues: Hearing the Voices of Immigrant Seniors in Toronto. Over 300 seniors from the African, Chinese, Hispanic and South Asian Canadian and other communities participated.
  • The release of the African Canadian Social Development Council Crime & Violence Prevention Strategy through a major press conference: it was attended by all the major media outlets, including the Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Global TV and News Pulse 24.